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This project offers data access layer for Windows Phone 7 and .NET Microframework only right now. It's been created for the French Techdays events :

.NET Microframework version

This version is very simple, and is mainly dedicated to posting feeds right now.
JSON Serialization is done manually

To use this version - simply instantiate an account class with your API key as a parameter, and use the Feed class to get or post data. Data objects should implement the IFeedItem interface, which basically obliges the developer to write the JSON Serialization manually. Right now the project includes two classes implementing this interface: IntegerFeedItem and DoubleFeedItem, respectively for posting integers and doubles...

Windows Phone 7.5 version

This version is mostly about consuming Pachube feeds and uses to serialize and deserialize objects.
you shall first instantiate an Agent and provides it with your API key, then uses the Feed, DataStream and DataPoint classes to browse data.

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